I´m not good in writing neither am I in speaking. I never really could express my feelings very well. With photography I have found a way to express myself and it´s the most rewarding feeling at the same time - yet again something that I cannot describe.

I want to tell stories.

Raw and real. Romantic and simple.

The most intimate moments captured in the way they are without them beeing staged and unnatural. The more natural the love - the moment - the feeling is, the more beautiful everything will turn out.


Kevin Klein
international artist / photographer

loves the moment
captures the atmosphere

Let me tell your story.

Book me for your wedding day in 2018/2019


prices on request

Coupleshootings/engagement starts at 250€



Prices for other shootings on request


Facebook: Kevin Klein

Instagram: @kevinkleinphoto

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What are things in life that you like?

I love being with my wife, friends and family. To me those are the most important things in life. Nature is what inspires me the most. I really want to love coffee because thats the thing at the moment but I´m a tea person. Roadtrips, tiny houses, documentaries, photography [who would have thought], bonfires in summer with chirping crickets.

If you love these things too, chances are astronomically high that we will have a wonderful day at your wedding!


Is there a distance limit that you are willing to travel for our wedding?

NO! There are no boundries. Wherever your wedding is, I´ll be there. I love destination weddings and elopments.


What is included in your wedding-package? And how does your pricing look like?

A lot of wonderful things apart from the final images. Just email me and I´ll send you the info! The prices are on that aswell.


How would you describe your style?

My style is storytelling. I want to show the natural and beautiful love between you and your spouse. I tell your story from the perspective of a guest so you don´t have to arrange anything for me. Your wedding is beautiful - no matter what happens or how much your decoration was. For me it´s about the moments between you and your love and your family and friends!


When should we book you?

There is no time limit that you have to book me a head of your wedding. But if you want to be sure your date is stil available, contact me 12-4 months before the wedding. Don´t hesitate to contact me 1 week before ;)


Do we have to be models and know how to pose in front of a camera?

The only thing you have to do is to love eachother! :) Don´t worry about the posing. I will help you to make it happen very naturally without you feeling uncomfortable.