Charlotte and Pär / Stockholm Destination Wedding Photographer

Charlotte and Pär´s destionation wedding near Stockholm / Sweden


Charlotte and Pär's destination wedding was a lovely and heartwarming one.

Charlotte and Pär currently live in Oslo/Norway, so it was quite a challenge to have the wedding party and guests make the way over to Lidö, a small island near Stockholm/Sweden, but the effort payed off nonetheless. It was more than just an adventure for me. Just flying to Stockholm/Sweden is the most beautiful thing to me already.

Everyone, including the wedding couple and their guests welcomed me warmly and made me celebrate their wedding with them.

Staying on an island with the guests makes a wedding even more intimate and a real destination wedding for everyone! The landscapes, people and beautiful moments made this day unforgettable - not just for me!


Day one.

Preperation and Dinner.


Day two.

The wedding.


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