Tribe Archipelago / KLN Presets


I made these presets in a time of my life where I missed summer and its days with bonfires, long deep talks in the night and good simple food from the barbecue. I was looking for an edit that gave me the feeling of a warm wind in the evening, walking through the fields. Times that feel endless and like a hasty touch at the same time. The presets are my love poem to summer and all the people that enjoy this season!

I think these presets will transfer the visual emotion into your pictures that you and your customers are looking for!


I´m excited to see what you guys will create with this pack! :)




Warmer tones for the summer nights that should never end. This preset has a unique look. Punchy
skin tones and muted greens. Great with all kinds of green surroundings / vegetation!






A preset that underlines the joy of life with vivid colors but with less glossiness.
Well used for colorful landscapes or the ones that could use some more color.






This preset is a white­balance all rounder with cooler tones. It gives you the freedom to
transfer the emotion you had when shooting. It ́s a good one for weird light conditions.






A more discreet preset that works as a perfect base if you have a lower contrast style but still want
to keep punchy skin tones.